About SidewinderUK

SidewinderUK.com is the specialist offset paving company, providing services and solutions for Highways, airfields, and racetracks.

The simplest explanation to describe the use of our Sidewinders® is ‘for the placing and grading of granular construction materials in an excavation adjacent to an existing pavement’.

The result of this principle is that we satisfy a broad client base for pavement construction from formation, through the sub-base layers, all asphalt/macadam layers as well as filter stone and topsoil. We are predominantly active on highway projects covering all road classes, but occasionally are employed on airfields and racetracks. Active in the industry for over 24 years we have more than 30 years combined on-site experience at your disposal.

Based on the strength of our competence, abilities, commitment, integrity and innovation we service and satisfy a broad client base throughout the UK and Ireland. Since building our first Sidewinder® in the late eighties, through experience and design our machines have evolved to be the most flexible and versatile of their kind.

Our Sidewinders® offer great advantages over traditional alternatives, such as excavators, mini-pavers or hand laying. You can view a full list of services on the Services section of our website.

Why use SidewinderUK?

  • All materials are delivered direct from “truck to trench” via our Sidewinders®, placed and graded in one continuous linear progression
  • No stockpiling of materials
  • No material loss or wastage
  • No tipping on the carriageway, risking surface damage
  • Reduced plant requirement for sub-base materials: one Sidewinder® will out-perform several excavators trying to achieve to same outputs while removing the need for dumpers
  • For paving operations one of our Sidewinders® will out-perform a mini-paver for narrow paving operations while removing the need for dumpers or tractaires to feed material from tipped deliveries
  • Reduced labour, (a reflection of the reduction of other plant) subject to activity a 4 or 6 man crew (excluding Sidewinder® operator) will normally be sufficient

These advantages can result in greater efficiency, programme enhancement potential, improved site cleanliness and good housekeeping, plus an increase in site safety through the reduction of moving plant on site.