Leading the way in Lean Construction: Improve Footpath Construction

Saving the Tax Payer in South Gloucester £8,000 on a Footpath Reconstruction


About 6 weeks ago in mid June the Shuttle went to the A403 Severn Road near Severn Beach, South Gloucestershire for Tarmac Contracting. The task was to feed a mini-paver surfacing 1000 metres of fully reconstructed footpath at 2.0 metres wide and 75mm thick. Tarmac were using the scheme to promote their own product Ultifastpath the recent innovation in asphalt for footpath construction allowing the surfacing to be carried out in a single layer without detriment to the integrity of the finished product. Over 2 days the Shuttle fed approximately 380.00 tonnes to the mini-paver at an average discharge of under 16 minutes per 20.00 tonne load.

improve footpath constructionWayne Salter of Tarmac said that “the combination of the Shuttle feeding the mini-paver on a strategically difficult site layout worked fantastically well. Without the Shuttle the options would have been traditional hand-laying or dumper/tractor feed to the paver. With the footpath offset from the adjacent carriageway in both alignment and elevation the traditional options would have been slow and logistically problematic.”

“The use of the Shuttle saved 5-6 days over traditional methods which represented a saving of roughly £8,000.00 to the client (South Gloucester County Council). Whilst creating virtually no mess, the Shuttle enabled the paving operation to flow with a level of continuity that could not be maintained using traditional methods, a positive influence that helped to enhance the finished quality of the footpath. Without hesitation the Shuttle would be factored into other future projects.”

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