Filter Drain Installation

Filter Drain Instatement

In 1989 our very first Sidewinder® (pictured first here) was built specifically to place type B drainage media to French drains adjacent to carriageways.

Since then our Sidewinders® have worked the length and breadth of the country for most major main contractors and many sub-contractors alike. Able to place vast amounts of material in a very short time our Sidewinders® have proved to be an unbeatable time saver. A job that historically has been expensive, troublesome and time consuming has now become an insignificant task easily programmed within any major or minor scheme.

A and B Roads

Historically our Sidewinders® have been seen as a machine that needs long open trenches with high tonnage requirement to be cost effective. This is simply not the case, although it is a fact that our Sidewinders® were initially commonly used to place drainage media on motorways it was originally built to haunch A and B roads. We pride ourselves on our ability to reduce your contract time and save you money. Our records indicate that over 1,000,000 tones have been placed using our Sidewinders® on contracts all over the UK. Coated drainage media has been adopted by several counties including South Wales since the late 1990’s. The use of such material has enhanced the use of the Sidewinder as the material does not hand-lay easily.

Why use

There are a number of advantages to using our Sidewinders® for Filter drain installation over more traditional alternatives including:

  • Direct from truck to trench
  • Up to 3.0 meters off the edge of the carriageway
  • Quick and efficient
  • Its not just motorways that benefit from the ability of our Sidewinders®: the versatility of our machines include the ability to lay left or right hand orientation.
  • If you have single carriageway works we can run with the traffic or against it.
  • Achievable tonnages range from job to job and are always relevant to the confines of the contract not the ability of the Sidewinder.
  • Using our Sidewinders® on the smallest of jobs will save you money, being able to place material quickly and efficiently with minimum handling speaks for its self, and has proved its worth on hundreds of contracts.


These advantages can result in greater efficiency, programme enhancement potential, improved site cleanliness and good housekeeping, plus an increase in site safety through the reduction of moving plant on site.

If you have a contract and have reservations please contact us, we will visit your site and give advice on how to integrate our machines in to your program. We will also be happy to put you in contact with other clients that have used our Sidewinders on similar contracts to yours.

View Case Studies

To see examples of our Sidewinders® filter drain installation work in action click here. Alternatively to contact us directly click here.