Material Handling

The Sidewinder Shuttle

The Sidewinder® Shuttle – the most recent addition to our services – was designed and produced in-house to provide a solution to numerous practical and logistical challenges on site. As with our Sidewinder® offset pavers the Shuttle can discharge various granular materials including:

  • asphalt/tarmacadams
  • sub-base materials
  • drainage media
  • pea gravel
  • topsoil
  • cement bound aggregates

With the options to discharge material directly behind, to the left or the right, and with theoretical outputs in excess of 300 tonnes per hour, the Sidewinder® Shuttle can provide contractors another option for overcoming some of the problems of delivering material to strategically difficult situations, or as an aid to enhancing paving operations.

Mainline Paving

By feeding material directly behind to a following paver, the Sidewinder® Shuttle can enhance the paving operation by enabling continuous paving. This works by maintaining the flow of material to the paver while the delivery trucks rotate when their loads are discharged to be replaced by the next full load. Use of the Sidewinder® Shuttle can also aid the quality of the finished mat by removing the traditional “bump” and subsequent deflection of the paver screed associated with the delivery truck backing onto the front rollers of the paver. The Sidewinder® Shuttle is equipped with a distance sensor, which once set by the Shuttle operator will automatically enable the Sidewinder® Shuttle to move in response to the movement of the paver ensuring that both machines move in unison.

Offset Feed

By using the transverse or cross conveyor, the Shuttle is able to feed material to a paver (or other plant for grading to level, e.g. dozer, tracked loader, or excavator) adjacent to an existing pavement that may otherwise have limited access such as, behind permanent or temporary safety barrier, where construction is at a level where it is unsafe or impractical for vehicular access, over surface water drainage channel or kerbing that may become damaged by trafficking fully loaded delivery trucks or other plant. Examples of the operations benefiting from the use of the Sidewinder® Shuttle are (but not limited to):

  • footpath construction
  • carriageway widening
  • hard-shoulder re-construction
  • central reserve hardening
  • filter drain
  • utilities/communication ducting

Why use

There are a number of advantages to using our Sidewinder® Shuttle for any of the examples given:

  • All materials are discharged direct from the delivery truck to the construction area
  • No stockpiling of materials
  • No re handling of materials
  • No material loss or wastage
  • No tipping on the carriageway risking surface damage
  • Reduced plant requirement
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved safety through reduction in people/plant interface.

These advantages can result in greater efficiency, programme enhancement potential, improved site cleanliness and good housekeeping.